Psycho's Corner

A (hopefully) complete repo of all my amazing work.

Over the years I've written many thousands of lines of code, and worked on some fairly cool stuff. Hopefully you can find it in here. If not... god knows.

My Blog

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I've probably written way too much private Rust stuff. But! You can find some paid plugins on my CodeChaos profile, or linked below. I've also done a few bits and pieces on, also linked below.
If you want me to write you a plugin, pop me a message on Steam, I'm usually online.


Clientside Modding - a clientside modding platform currently under development for the LegionRust project.

ChaosCode (Paid)

TeleportGUI - A fully fledged out Teleport plugin with a fancy-pants GUI.
HomesGUI - Another GUI plugin, except this one is for homes!
WarpsGUI - You guessed it, a warps plugin, with a GUI. I think you get the idea by now.

OxideMod (Free)

CustomChatCommands - For adding custom chat commands to your server. Has options for permissions, broadcasting, running console commands and chat icons too.
NoteTracker - Tracks the who, when, and what of note edits.
CapsNoCaps - Decapitalizes all text; one of my very first plugins!
SaveAlerter - A small save icon shown when the server is saving.
ColouredNames - Lets players change the colour of their name in chat. Includes options for blocking colours and setting other players' colours.
CloudflareUpdater - Updates your Cloudflare domains with your server's IP.
MonumentFinder - Allows admins to teleport around to different monuments around the map which are automatically found.


Oxide.Ext.Discord - A C# Discord API for use with Oxide plugins, part developed with DylanSMR.

Razer Chroma Projects

Since Razer released the Chroma SDK for Chroma-enabled devices, and the awesome dudes at Colore released the C# library for the SDK, I've been doing a bit of work on chroma stuff. If you have a Razer Chroma-enabled keyboard (such as the BlackWidow Ultimate Chroma), you may find this interesting. If you've got any ideas hit me up and I'll see what I can do.

KeyboardColouring - Turns your keyboard into a canvas, and your numpad into a paint pad!
ChromaDuel - Watch two lightsabers battle it out, based of this video.

Random Bits

A jumble of random bits and pieces I've made over the years.

DiscordBot - A simple C# based Discord bot, using the Discord .NET API. Use this for help with the Discord .NET API; it's not a great bot.
ShowAndHideFiles - A script for OSX, for showing and hiding hidden files. "showfiles" and "hidefiles" commands.
League of Info - An experimental project for using the LoL API. Again, use this code help.
RustArena plugin - An old plugin for running an old Rust battlefield server. Probably doesn't work by now but may be useful to somebody.